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British Decoy and Wildfowl Carvers Association

The Association for Bird Carving

Open Class


Carvings can use any means and materials that will provide a lifelike feather, provided that the feather itself is made out of wood.
The feather can be painted or unpainted.


Carvings are carved from wood, can be any size, and they may be painted or unpainted.

Innovative Wildlife Sculptures

Carvings can be of any species of bird, have no size restriction, and can be sculpted/carved using any variety of materials. This includes but is not restricted to wood.
The sculpture should be totally original in design and concept, and entirely innovative in its execution and portrayal.

Working Decoys

Carvings can be made of wood and/or cork. They can be full size or larger representing shooting decoys, with an unmistakable likeness to species when seen at a distance.
They are able to float in water.


British Decoy and Wildfowl Carvers Association


2023 British Champion

White-winged Sandpiper